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What Does Tracery Professional Builders Do?

Tracery Professional Builders, Inc. provides full-service custom home building and residential remodeling in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties.

We pride ourselves on making home building and renovation as stress-free as possible. TPBI limits the number of projects we take on to guarantee the personalized care and high quality our clients deserve. We favor a hands-on management style and work closely with our clients and the entire building team. Our founder and president, Mark Macdonald, is engaged with every job. He personally oversees the superintendents and crews assigned to each project.

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"...beautiful remodel, couldn't be happier with the job Mark and his crew did."


Tracery Professional Builders, Inc. offers a comprehensive range of services. From start to finish, we can help you realize your dream. (click any image to learn more about each service)

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Custom Homes

Custom Homes

A personalized building experience with the highest standard of construction. Innovative ideas, beautifully crafted design and technical expertise. Let us realize your vision.

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Remodels & Additions

Transform the look, feel, and function of your home to reflect your family's unique taste, personality and lifestyle.

Remodel and Additions

Value Engineering Services

Value engineering is a commonly used term in construction for finding cost savings without compromising the functionality, design goals and aesthetics of the finished product. It is a process by which the contractor offers suggestions on how to save money through substituting products, suggesting alternative assemblies, or adjusting the layout of the home. The cost of materials and labor required to complete a construction project is initially estimated, then costs savings are found against the original estimate through making small architectural changes and/or material substitutions All suggested changes are approved by the homeowner prior to being implemented in the project.

Why Value Engineer a Construction Project?

Until you ask the question of why every product in your project is being selected, it might be unclear that the chosen product is the most cost-effective material. TPBI carefully examines every area for cost savings in materials, while maintaining pre-determined scope and style. It could be that there is a more cost-effective solution for your project.

Value Engineering

When Does Tracery Professional Builders, Inc. Use Value Engineering?

TPBI implements value engineering during the design and preconstruction phase. During the design process, TPBI will offer suggestions on cost effective products and materials.


Our subcontractors and suppliers will also make suggestions during the site walk-through as they are bidding on the project. All of this information is compiled and offered to our clients as potential areas of project cost savings.

At Tracery Professional Builders, Inc. we have a distinct advantage over our competition; as licensed engineers, we can value engineer the earthwork, foundation, and framing. These three components are commonly high-price drivers of custom homes and larger remodels.


Using our value engineering services, clients can allocate their financial resources in a more efficient manner, including:

  • Proposed plans. What is the scope?

  • As a reality check, provide schematic cost estimates before drawings are fully developed. Is the design within the prescribed budget?

  • Consult on construction techniques and possible materials.

  • Discuss site development: storage, trash locations, temporary power, sanitation, safety, truck parking and off-loading, etc. Although seldom discussed during the design phase, these sneaky costs are always incurred and have a definite impact on the overall project financials.

Design Services

Design Services

Great spaces do not happen accidentally.  While not every home renovation requires the talents and expertise of a professional designer, most projects definitely warrant this service. Most people struggle with putting together rooms that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally appropriate. Color, balance, light, proportion – there are many elements that experienced designers consider when creating a room.

Why Hire a Designer if I Already Know What I Like?

Clients are far more likely to meet budget, avoid costly mistakes and be sure to address all the myriad design concerns when working with a seasoned designer. A designer has many resources not available to the general public and a trained eye to help ensure that the end result is exactly what you envisioned. TPBI Design Services will help create a professional, finely tuned look to showcase your style and compliment your new space.

When Does Tracery Professional Builders, Inc. Suggest Their Design/Build Services?

If clients do not have an architectural set of plans underway, or haven’t put their ideas into a visual plan and/or are overwhelmed with the infinite choices of design materials and selections available, we suggest our structured approach:

  • refine your vision to maximize a fluid, coordinated look, appropriate to your house, lifestyle, neighborhood or lot location.

  • define your scope to realistically determine time and budget in relation to your “wish list” items and your “must have” items.

  • align your costs to include as much value for the dollar achievable based on time, stress capacity and categorized budget allocation.

We strongly recommend working with one of our design professionals, matched specifically to your project. Construction goes much more smoothly if design elements are clear, decisions are made and ideas are played out prior to demolition and building. Schedules are far more likely to get off track if clients can’t make decisions on a finish, change their minds about fixtures or vacillate about cabinetry design. Our designers will help alleviate the pressure by narrowing down choices, explaining pros and cons, and proposing new ideas or products.

Design Services

  • Conceptual design and floor plan.

  • CAD drawings of Existing and New.

  • Permit approval.

  • Features, fixtures and finishes selection assistance.

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