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Note to Designers & Architects

We understand that most architects have a select group of builders they trust to build their projects.

Tracery Professional Builders, Inc. would love an opportunity to have a conversation with you during your contractor selection process. We believe we have the capacity and reputation necessary to build your projects. Partnering with us in the pre-construction phase will add value that frees up your time and resources. We are happy to act as your permitting coordination liaison, as well as provide pricing input as design progresses.

We are always excited for the opportunity to work with talented architects and designers. Such partnerships invariably lead to a positive experience for ourselves and our clients. The results are remarkable when a team of professionals takes a construction project from conception to completion.

Quality Construction that Withstands the Test of Time


Quality is generally transparent when present, but easily recognizable in its absence.


                                                                                                                   -Alain Gilles

Work with Us

Top 100 Homebuilders

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'Natural Tiles vs. Marble..."

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Sohail master bath remodel general contr

South Bay Accent

The Best of Silicon Valley, San Jose and the Penninsula

-April/May 2017

South Bay Accent Magazine April May 2016
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General Contractors

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Featured Article

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South Bay Accent

Today's Modern Kitchen -"Craftsman Revisited" -April/May 2018

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The Annual Rankings of the Nations Largest Remodelers

2023- Top 500 List  #460

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NARI Platinum Remodel Award

Builder For M. Designs Architects

2019 Meta Award Winner

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Architectural Digest

"Defining Beauty and Function with Unparalleled Expertise" - AD July 2017 

Architectural Digest July
South Bay Stle Architectural Digest July
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